The Palm Beach Packet Group is a 501c3 non-profit corporation service Palm Beach County and surrounding areas.

We currently own, maintain, and operate an extensive 1200 and 9600 baud packet data network as well as a county wide APRS network. This network includes links to many other radio networks all over the world and thru the use of Winlink, provide a wireless connection to E-Mail, even when the internet is down in the local area.

We also own, maintain, and operate one of the widest range DMR Digital Voice repeaters in the area, this is interconnected with other member repeaters to offer handheld coverage for most of the county.

Together our Data and Voice networks provide direct wireless access to worldwide networks for over almost 8,000 square miles in South East Florida.

These data and voice networks work “When All Else Fails” All of the Data networks and the most of the local voice systems run independent of the Internet or Cellular commercial systems.

Check out our network maps for information on how they are interconnected.

Our systems provide voice and data communications in times of communications emergencies such as Hurricanes and other severe weather. With Amateur Radio communications we  can also support hospitals with vital wireless voice and data networks during times of communication outages.

We also assist the American Red Cross by providing communications services at the shelters, not only to the staff, but we also provide critical health and welfare information to loved ones of people affected by disasters.

Many times, highly trained amateur radio operators have assisted in every type of disaster from floods to wildfires, tornado’s and hurricanes.

Most of the users of our network are also ARES members and our networks are uniquely designed to support the ARES mission. Click the link here to learn more about this important mission.